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About us

Pro Data Doctor is the trusted name in Data recovery software solution for the Windows hard disk drive and USB flash removable media. The motive of our company is to provide high class professional disk recovery tools that are easy to use and easily recover deleted files at reasonable price.

Our team of experienced certified software developers, technician, consultants provide you with wide range of Data recovery software including for (Hard disk drive, USB drive, Pen drive, Digital camera, Mobile sim card, iPod and Zune music devices), Password recovery tools (Internet explorer & Outlook express), System Utilities (Data wiper, Keylogger, Internet history eraser, Bulk SMS) and Webmaster tools (Website Monitoring tool) for the Windows OS family.

We have become the world's most successful data recovery company, by providing most prominent files restore software by making it our only goal to recover your data. As a specialized firm in recovery of data from all type of media our powerful software prevents your data from corruption, modification and deletion to achieve high predictable success rate. Our Software is recognized as prominent data recovery utility and has received awards and certificates from the top websites and software magazines. We are highly recognized by our partners and are always committed in providing fast, low-priced and proficient data recovery solutions that sets new standards in the industry.

NTFS data recovery software is easy to use non-destructive and read-only utility which recover retrieve lost deleted files and folders from the disasters including Hardware Failure, Human Error, Accidental deletion, Power failure; Virus damages supporting both NTFS and NTFS5 formatted hard drives. The software is very easy to use with standard windows style user interface and GUI support to undelete your most important data records without any technical or non-technical skills to operate the software. More Details

Sim card data recovery software securely and safely recovers all lost deleted SMS (both inbox and outbox text messages) and stored phone book contact numbers from your 3g/GSM mobile cell phones. The technology used in the software support sim card of any country region network service provider with the help of USB sim card reader (i.e. any phoenix type or PC/SC standard based usb sim card reader) to restore rescue retrieve revive all deleted mobile sim card stored information with in minute time. More Details

Software for Memory card files recovery is fully capable to recover all your lost corrupted deleted missing files and folders from various memory card chip storage devices. Easily support all major storage media including compact flash, MMC card, xd card and flash memory of mp3 player, digital camera, mobile phone, PDA, handheld computer devices and other memory card chip storage in all major storage drives (i.e. 64MB 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB 2GB 4GB and even higher capacity drives). More Details

FAT data recovery software recovers and restores all lost files and folders from FAT16, FAT32 supported hard disk drive. Using Data Doctor professional recovery program rescue data from formatted drives, previously existing FAT partition or even when reformatted partitions. FAT data recovery software is for your data loss when deleted from the Recycle bin, Partition error, Virus attacks, Power breakdown or disks with bad sector and safely restore directories and sub-directories on your home or office computer pc. More Details

iPod music recovery can be easily achieved with Data Doctor’s ipod data recovery software supporting your major iPod music devices. Easily recover and restore all files folders included aac, aif, mpa, mid, ra (Real Audio), ram (Real Audio Media) lost or corrupted when updated or restored using iTunes software or lost due to accidental erasing by your iPod music player. The software supports all type of latest iPod models including iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod (with video) and more. More Details

Digital camera data recovery software recover your lost, erased, formatted or deleted pictures, images, photos, audio, video, files and folders from digital camera flash storage media. Digital photo recovery software easily restores accidentally deleted formatted video files even if the media is corrupted or the accidental removal of memory card from the on camera. Data recovery support to all types of camera including professional camera, digital video camera, specialty camera, novelty camera and other similar devices. More Details

USB drive data recovery software is safe, easy, non-destructive and read-only utility that salvage your most important lost corrupted files and folders from logically damaged formatted pen drives. Support all major memory stick storage drives retrieving your crucial files including doc, txt, jpeg, mpeg, gif, mov, tif audio video files and other application files. Works with all branded usb drives like Transcend Kingston Sony Sandisk in all capacities e.g. 64MB 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB 2GB and higher storage. More Details

Zune data recovery software is specifically designed for the zune music users to recover restore retrieve all lost missing deleted music files and folders from the Microsoft zune media player. The Software supports all missing logically damaged music files including mid, midi, mp3, mp4, wav, wma to recover preloaded songs and music videos. This non-damaging utility is easy to operate for your lost wireless Zune to Zune (Wi-Fi communication) sharing records and unplayable songs due to human error or any virus generated data loss. More Details

Key logger is easy to use powerful PC monitoring tool that secretly track user activity and allows you to monitor and record all areas of computer usage including keystrokes, e-mail, chat conversation, websites URL’s list, search engine searches and captures the typed password. This surveillance software works in absolutely stealth mode and is completely invisible to the external users and even from ‘system startup’ ‘start menu’, ‘add remove program list’ and even hides the destination folders. More Details

Removable media data recovery software is fully capable to undelete data and recover all lost missing deleted corrupted files and folders from usb digital flash removable media. The software supports all major files like txt, mpeg, wav, doc, midi, bmp, jpg, gif, jpeg etc and safely restore data in case of Accidental deletion, Formatting, Partition error, Virus attack, Improper shutdown, Human fault or any other kind of logical error to access the data that of corrupted DBR, MBR, FAT tables and Root Directory entries. More Details

Digital pictures recovery software safely recovers all lost deleted digital photos from formatted missing or corrupted hard disk drive partition, removable media, USB drive, Memory stick, Flash drives, Memory cards of mobile phone or digital camera or MMC card, secure digital card sD, extreme digital card xD etc. Data Doctor Pictures Recovery Software undelete digital photos after accidental deletion, media formatting or data loss after invalid operating system installation error and recovers picture files easily. More Details

Internet history eraser completely removes records of your online and offline internet activities and erases data that you do not want others to access. The software protects your computer privacy by permanently deleting internet history and long-ago computer records and similarly allows you to delete browser history, internet explorer address bar history, cookies and temporary internet files of your internet explorer supported browser. More Details

Internet explorer password recovery software easily recovers all type of internet explorer saved passwords (auto complete field) that includes for lost or forgotten Email accounts, Newspaper group, Web forms, Online shopping, Search engine accounts and much more. The Software retrieves hidden password within seconds time and provide multilingual passwords support with detailed help. The program supports for Windows Vista XP 98, ME, NT 2000, 2003 and all versions (including 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 or later). More Details

Data doctor’s data wiper securely wipes delete remove and cleans all deleted confidential files and folders from the windows hard disk drive and usb flash removable media to free the disk space on your computer system. This wiping tool deletes records of your offline/online internet activities, such as history, cookies, URL list and eliminates deleted passwords, documents, system files including administrator temporary file, clipboard contents, system registry traces and log file using various disk erasing algorithms. More Details

Thanks Data Doctor,

Your product worked a treat. I was able to recover 100% of my lost data within minutes. Unfortunately I purchased a cheap 2gig Pen Drive that when plugged in, reported a "disk not formatted" message . When it stopped working, I searched the web and found your excellent product, but only after downloading several other programs that couldn't even recognise that I had data on my Pen Drive. Anyhow, after I recovered the data I reformatted my Pen Drive only to discovered that it was in fact a 1gig Pen Drive.

Peter Cathery
Melbourne Victoria
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